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22:00 h



sings Bessie Smith

Dorrey Lin Lyles (voc)
Kevin Sholar (key)
Fuasi Abdul Khaliq (sax)
Marlon Browden (dr)
Jonathan Robinson (b)

Join us for two nights dedicated to the "Empress of Blues," Bessie Smith. Dorrey Lin Lyeles and her fantastic Band, will give a live performance honoring some of Smith's most iconic work.

Referred to as one of the greatest blues singers of all time, Bessie Smith brought an unparalleled emotional intensity, expression and artistry to her performances. Her first recording, "Down-Hearted Blues," established her as the most successful black performing artist of her time and from there she recorded with some of the most important jazz instrumentalists of the time including Charlie Green, Joe Smith, Tommy Ladnier and most notably Louis Armstrong. Smith's wide, expressive range, interpretation and delivery established her as one of the most important blues and jazz vocalists of all time.

On Friday 15th and Saturday 16th of January 2016, Dorrey Lin Lyles and her band will play a unique fusion of contemporary jazz, blues and soul. Dorrey Lin Lyles, whose voice is described as "soulful," "thrilling" and "beautiful," is among the prominent artists that connect the lines between music's heart and soul, much like Smith. Do not miss this extraordinary performance of an exceptional singer!

Dorrey Lin Lyles, was born in June 1970. Her name prophesied her life of music… Do-Re-Mi-Fa … etc. Dorrey sang her first note on that night and continues to lift her voice like a trumpet in Zion. In earlier years, Dorrey had formed a musical group, The Chosen Ones. The Chosen Ones consisted of eager, talented and God-hungry young people. As the years passed, the group disbanded to only be transformed into a greater expression of God, The Tribe Of Judah (East). She lends her talent to the music ministry of John Howard's Gospel Caravan and Tyscot Recording Artist Franklin “Bubby” Fann, Jr. & Unlimited Praise. Dorrey also tours Europe with The Harlem Gospel Singers, The Philadelphia Singers andThe Very Best Of Black Gospel Singers spreading the gospel.

Dorrey is honored to be a part of the World renowned, Weather Girls. Dorrey recently had the opportunity to perform with her band in Athens, Greece at the Half Note Jazz Club. In conjunction with her solo career, she performs background work for Dellé (Eased) of the musical sensation, SEEED, who now embarking on his solo career.

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